Can you get textured hardwood flooring?

Yes, and that gives the floor so much visual appeal and personality and affects how the wood floor feels underfoot. The texture is as essential as any other element in wood flooring, including species, color, stain, and finish--whether your choice is solid hardwood flooring or the engineered wood version.

Four common textures:

1.? Wire-brushed: This is done with a steel brush where the craftsman gently scrapes the surface to get to the exposed wood's heartwood. This texture looks especially great with oak or hickory and in rustic or farmhouse environments.

2.? Hand-scraped: This is one of the more traditional textures often done by hand with a knife (but sometimes by machine). This gives the wood a distressed and antique look with grooves and streaks. Because it already has that weathered look, you don't need to worry much about dings or scratches, so it can be a good choice if you have kids or pets. It looks excellent on oak, pecan, walnut, and pine woods.

3.? Distressed: The wood is a more intense version of hand-scraped with random dings, dents, burn marks, and other signs of decay and age to make it look aged, worn, and even reclaimed, as though it is recycled from another use.

4.? Smooth: This is described as lacking texture because it refers to when the planks are smoothly sanded. It?s very traditional and is typically used with a glossy lacquer to produce a very ?clean? looking floor, ideal for those who want more easy cleaning.

A word about grain pattern

Logs are cut three ways, and this will affect appearance since each has a distinctive look. Plain-sawn, the most traditional, has billowing patterns called cathedrals.? Rift-sawn grains are long and straight. Finally, quarter-sawn combines plain and rift-sawn cut looks. Be sure to tell the staff at our hardwood flooring company if you have a preference.

At Absolute Flooring, Inc., we believe that hardwood flooring is an investment. With brands like Mohawk's UltraWood and the classic, elegant appearance, versatility; ability to increase property values; and long lifespan (sometimes up to 100 years!), it may be the choice for you. Our showroom is Gallatin, TN, and come in for a free quote, especially if you live in or near Nashville, Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet, or Lebanon.