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Why LVP?

Luxury vinyl flooring is an exceptional choice for even the most discerning homeowner. With a wide variety of excellent benefits in store for the homeowner, appearance options are almost limitless. Choose from the look of all-natural materials, or something more artistic in style and design. You might be surprised at what you’ll find upon deeper research into this product line. It could be the very floor covering you’ve needed to finalize your own flooring project.

This floor covering is one you’ll easily be able to have installed from one end of your home to the other. With a wonderful, 100% waterproof option, not even bathrooms and basements are off limits. Furthermore, you can have the look of solid hardwood, ceramic and porcelain tile, or even natural stone, from wall to wall. Luxury vinyl flooring can mimic the real thing so authentically, it will leave your guests thinking they’re walking on the real thing.

At Absolute Flooring Inc, we know that beautiful floors take more than great products. LVP flooring is a floating floor installation. That is uncomplicated and fast, but the seams still need to be lined up properly and the subfloor properly prepared. Our showroom, located in Gallatin, TN, is sure to have just the LVP flooring you are looking for.

Benefits of LVP

  • Functionality and durability. Features that are never left out of luxury vinyl floors. In fact, the very construction of these floors is meant to meet the needs of some of the most active commercial settings across the country. Those same benefits are available to you as a homeowner. From high foot traffic to pets and kids, you’re sure to appreciate this feature of vinyl flooring

  • Easy to clean. Spills sit at the top and wipe off easily. All it takes is a daily sweeping and periodic mopping. Just be sure the cleaner is manufacturer-approved

  • Waterproof option. In choosing the waterproof version of this flooring, you’ll get ultimate peace of mind. Water damage can necessitate the reflooring of an entire room or more, which is an expense you don’t want. While it’s a little more expensive initially, you’ll appreciate the massive amount of money you’ll save if it happens to withstand a water emergency.
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