What hardwood flooring species are native to Tennessee?

What hardwood flooring species are native to Tennessee?

Many kinds of wood used to construct hardwood floors are grown and harvested in Tennessee. Oak, maple, hickory, and ash are native to the Volunteer State.

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Oak flooring has a timeless look characterized by a pronounced wood grain pattern that masks scrapes and scuffs.

In addition, oak resists denting and scratching, so it is an ideal wood flooring for the most active areas of the home. Red oak and white oak are found in a wide range of colors.


Maple is considered sustainable and eco-friendly since it is a fast-growing wood. This tan or cream-colored wood is an excellent option for a modern decorating theme with a consistent, thin grain pattern. Stain-free maple floors accentuate the wood's subtle grain and lovely color.


Hickory is the hardest domestic hardwood species commonly used for flooring. The wood shows off large knots, hues varying dramatically from plank to plank, and a quirky grain pattern. Thus, hickory solid hardwood flooring blends well with a rustic decorating style.


Ash generally comes in lighter hues, but colors range from almost white to dark brown. Because of its pale color and a grain pattern that fluctuates between swirling and straight, styles tend to mix well with contemporary decor. In addition, ash offers a quieter floor because it has a unique elasticity.

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