Why hardwood flooring is trending today

Why hardwood flooring is trending today

Wood flooring is one of the world's oldest known floor covering options. So, what makes it continue to trend in today's economy?

There are many attributes available in this flooring line, including a long lifespan. But here are some more facts that could help you find the perfect materials for your home.

Hardwood floors are incredibly long-lasting

When you need a long lifespan, hardwood is a fantastic choice, no matter your need. With professional installation, these floors can last more than 100 years.

Some historical buildings have floors that have lasted for 200 years or more. So when solid hardwood flooring offers a track record, why not pick it for your home?

Hardwood gives you extensive customizations in visual appeal

There seems to be no end to how you can customize these floors for your decor matching. Enjoy a wealth of colors, species, widths, formats, and more to get your desired look.

You even have access to a variety of installation layouts, like herringbone. These add character and stability that can set your floors apart from others.

Hardwood is durable, even in busy areas

If you need durability, consider wood flooring species choices first. Some offer a dense, hard result that works well in busy spaces with lots of traffic.

You'll also want to ask about prefinished materials too. But, since the finish is added at the factory, it is almost indestructible once in place in your home.

We have all the flooring options you need

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